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Presentations and Financials

Financial Summary coming soon!

Reports and Presentations on WEFTA

If you would like to share information about WEFTA, please check out our free, printable resources below. The PDFs summarize who we are, where we work, and what we do (with some Spanish translations). Additionally, since we are committed to showing our donors where their money is being used, we have provided our financials and annual reports for the past five years.

Sharing Our Expertise:  Overview Presentation on WEFTA – PDF (Hi-resolution PowerPoint available upon request)

Sharing Our Expertise: Overview Presentation on WEFTA (Español) – PDF (Hi-resolution PowerPoint available upon request)

Completed WEFTA Projects –  PDF

Tri-fold Brochure About WEFTA – PDF (Spanish version coming soon)

Tri-fold Brochure para WEFTA en Español – PDF (old version)

Full List of Completed Projects with Funding, Costs and Beneficiaries as of October 31, 2013 – PDF

Requests for Support from Corporate Donors and Other Organizations by Country (more soon!)

Supporting WEFTA in Honduras – English

Supporting WEFTA in Honduras – Español

Year End Reports

WEFTA Year-End Report 2015 – PDF

WEFTA Year-End Report 2014 – PDF

WEFTA Year-End Report 2013 – PDF

WEFTA Year-End Report 2012 – PDF

WEFTA Year-End Report 2011 – PDF

WEFTA Year-End Report 2010 – PDF


WEFTA 990 Report for 2015 – PDF

WEFTA 990 Report for 2014 – PDF

WEFTA 990 Report for 2013 – PDF

WEFTA 990 Report for 2012 – PDF

WEFTA 990 Report for 2011 – PDF