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Inspire your Customers and Employees, Strengthen the Communities Where You Do Business

In today’s economy, 79% percent of Americans will switch brands that support a cause they believe in (Cone/Duke University Behavioral Cause Study, 2008). The public is increasingly interested in and aware of which companies donate back to their communities or support other humanitarian work. In fact, the most widely-read and discussed article  published within the philanthropic community in 2012 was a ranking of America’s top 100 corporations and their rankings in terms of gifts to charitable causes. The results of the study spread to the public at large and had a huge impact on consumer behavior and loyalty.

For local companies and multi-national companies with offices in the countries where WEFTA works, giving back by supporting projects that create better infrastructure, increased health, well-being and quality of life for families and their communities strengthens the business environment in which you work and enhances your reputation among your peers, the public sector and your clients.  Just as important, giving back (corporate social responsibility) has been shown to increase, pride,  morale and productivity among your own workers, especially when they are encouraged to participate in your efforts through fundraising, site visits, and presentations about the benefits of your philanthropy.

WEFTA seeks to engage corporate partners in the U.S. and in Latin America to get clean water and adequate sanitation to all families who need it. In return, we provide our partners with a wealth of benefits, including public relations, tax deductions and a positive effect on company morale.  A large company can participate in a large-scale, far-reaching project such as our Urubamba Valley waste treatment effort. A smaller company can donate money to provide hand pumps for each family in a village. A hand pump manufacturer could even donate those hand pumps!

We invite your company to partner with us and support our mission. You can get involved through:

  • Product donations
  • Financial support and sponsorship of projects
  • Matching grants for employee donations to WEFTA
  • Raising public awareness
  • Percentage-of-sales donations
  • Corporate fundraising events

Based on your level of commitment to WEFTA, we offer various recognition packages which include having your logo on our website, articles about your support on the site and in e-newsletters as well as LinkedIn and other social media, and outreach to pertinent media outlets in the U.S. or in the country you’ve donated to.

To discuss ways for your company to support WEFTA, please contact us at info@wefta.net.