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What We Do

Water Engineers for the Americas (WEFTA) was founded in 2002 by a group of professionals desiring to apply their expertise and resources to alleviate the problem of unsafe water supplies and inadequate sanitation. We seek to improve the quality of life and health of people living in developing countries in Latin America by promoting community-based, self-help projects.

WEFTA provides technical and administrative support to needy communities for the construction of drinking water and wastewater systems by working with local non-profit organizations. By assisting these communities in managing their water resources, WEFTA helps improve community access to safe drinking water, makes more clean water available, reduces waterborne diseases, improves hygiene and protects the environment.

WEFTA volunteers and the people who support our work believe it is imperative that we invest in simple solutions known to reduce the devastating long-term societal and human costs of unsafe water. We believe that it is within our power–individually and collectively, with well-directed efforts coordinated with people living within the host communities–to provide clean water and sanitation for all, especially those less fortunate than ourselves.

In some cases the solution poses an engineering challenge; in others it may be a financial challenge. But each and every situation can be resolved, and for 12 years, WEFTA volunteers and supporters have known the joy and satisfaction of improving lives, empowering people and providing dignity – one family, one community and one village at a time.

In 2011, WEFTA committed to helping more people in Latin America, at a faster pace, by increasing our fundraising efforts and awareness of our programs and the needs of the families who benefit from them. As WEFTA grows, we hope you will join us. In 2015, a part-time executive director will join our team to increase and steer those efforts.

Water Engineers for the Americas (WEFTA) is a publicly funded, 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.