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Projects for Funding

WEFTA accepts general (undesignated) donations as well as donations designated to specific projects. Many of our projects are low cost and provide excellent opportunities for individuals or groups to sponsor all or part of a a clean water or wastewater treatment system for an entire community.

If you would like more information about our current projects that need funding, please contact us at info@wefta.net. If you are interested in sponsoring an entire project, WEFTA’s marketing team can assist you with creating presentations or setting up social media fundraising pages and programs to raise money so that deserving families in Latin America can create self-help, sustainable solutions to their water problems. And don’t forget: see if your company has an employee matching gift program so that your gift is multiplied!

Below is a list of current projects which need funding. Click on the link to open a PDF document which describes the project.

Priming the Pumps in Bolivia – An Ongoing Effort – PDF Cost $6,000 for Each Well Drilled for a Community in the Altiplano Region

La Pita, Ecuador: A System to Distribute Clean Water to 35 Families – PDF Cost: $21,100

Projects in Chiapas, Mexico

We have many projects in need of funds in Chiapas, Mexico. Specific projects are listed below. The original requests from the communities and supporting documents are at the bottom of the page (most in Spanish). Please note that the people of Chiapas live in extended families, often with three to four generations per household. Based on our volunteer experts’ observations and experience, we estimate the average family to consist of 11 members, so a project helping 400 families actually serves an extraordinary 4,400 people!

Visit our Where We Work/Mexico page to read about the history and scope of WEFTA’s work in Chiapas, and make sure you visit the photo galleries which are linked to the bottom of the page.

San Cristóbal de las Casas: Water System Improvements for 400 Families/4,400 People – PDF Cost: $6,775

Colonia Belén, Yajalón: Water System Improvements for 80 Families/880 People – PDF Cost: $2,750

Yajalón, Casa Albergue Santiago Apóstol: Water System Improvements for 55 Students and 6 Faculty and Staff- PDF Cost: $6,026

Zapata Autonomous Zapatista Community,  Francisco Gomez: Water System Improvements for 18 Homes/198 People – PDF Cost: $9,681

San Vincente/Hermosillo, Autonomous Zapatista Communities, Francisco Gomez: Water System Improvements – PDF Impact and Costs Pending

Tierra y Libertad, Autonomous Zapatista Community: Water System Improvements for 60 Homes/450 People – PDF Cost $10,537

Altamirano, Hospital San Carlos: Wastewater System Improvements for 60-Bed/100 Patient per Day Rural Hospital – PDF Cost: $15,000

Original Requests for Support (Solicitudes) from Chiapas Communities for Projects Listed Above (Spanish) – PDF