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People joining forces make quick work of any task, including raising funds to sponsor a project for a community in need. WEFTA’s water and sanitation improvements are particularly “sponsorable” by groups and organizations because much of our work is discrete: Most projects are for a specific community, a specific improvement, and once completed, are maintained by the beneficiaries themselves and require no further funding.

The Need is Great and So Are the Options

The range of our work and the low cost of many of our projects mean that almost any group can find a way to help that interests them and is affordable. Some choices include:

  • Gravity-fed water systems
  • Individual hand pumps for each family in a village
  • Latrines for all (individual) homes in a town
  • A village baño facility with communal showers, toilets and sinks for clothes washing
  • Wastewater collection and treatment systems
  • Installation of toilets and hand-washing stations in schools
  • The purchase of simple water filters for families who have access to water that is not potable.

Your group can even sponsor training sessions for a community about clean water safety, sanitation and hygiene.

Affordable Projects That Give Priceless Returns

The price range for completed projects so far has been from as little as $1,400 to $30,000. Currently we are raising funds for a $70,000 project in Bolivia, and we are considering much more complex and expensive projects in Peru and Colombia. Even for these more expensive activities, a group can sponsor a specific component of the project or contribute unrestricted funds.

The volunteers of WEFTA hope to engage all sorts of groups to support our vision of clean water for all.  We ourselves are members of many organizations and have raised funds for WEFTA through our own churches and clubs and among our friends and neighbors.

What groups are you a member of?

Rotary, Kiwanis, Knights of Columbus or other service group
A school fraternity, sorority or alumni group
A church, mosque, temple or prayer group
A Boy or Girl Scout Troop
A family that wants to give a life-saving gift to other families in Latin America
An ethnic organization (Mexican-American, etc), that wants to help people in its country of origin
A school or faculty and students of Spanish language or Latin American studies
A giving circle, craft or hobby group, or a book club

WEFTA Makes it Easy for You

Recently we’ve designed tools to help you create presentations, fliers, signs, and invitations for fundraising events.  You can use these yourself or work with our marketing volunteer, who has experience in special events, to find creative ways to sponsor a project.  We’ll even promote your fundraising effort on our website and Facebook.  Then we’ll thank you there afterward!

No matter what you donate, you’ll have the satisfaction of knowing that you’ve improved the health, dignity and quality of life for a community and its future generations.  Contact us at info@wefta.net to get started.